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Life Saver

Baby's die every year that have been forgotten and strapped to a car seat, in hot weather, where just a few minutes can cost a baby its life. Enter the life saving Mini Reminder, simply attach the tiny round transmitter to the car seat, or to the infant clothing, and set your small receiver which you carry on your car key chain to 10 feet setting or 25 feet setting, arm the computer on the receiver, and the baby can never be forgotten or left in the car, because if you leave the car without the baby your receiver will send out a loud beeping noise and a vibration, telling you your baby is still in the car, and his life is in danger, go back for him.

Small children drown every day in home swimming pools, or at the beach, keep your small child close to you at the beach, or near your swimming pool, once again the Mini Reminder works its magic, the settings allow up to 25 feet of safe child movement and freedom, but warns you if the child goes out of the security parameter you have set for him, with our patented beeping and vibrating alert, please do not let your child become another statistic.

Small children go missing every 40 seconds in America, at malls, amusement parks, shopping centers, foot marts. A child just needs a few seconds to get into trouble, or be touched by a stranger or worse to be kid napped, for ransom or worse, please do not wait until your child becomes an amber alert.

Older people sometimes need to be watched, keep them close, just one miss step into traffic, and your parent could become another statistic, keep them close and safe with the Mini Reminder'

Mentally impaired and special needs children and adults, need to be keep close 25 feet may not seem much to you, but it can make the difference between injury or loss, let them know you care, by letting them wear the mini reminder on there mini reminder wrist band that comes with each mini reminder, worn like a watch tell them it is their own personal communication watch, to make sure they never get lost from you, they will love the feeling of security it will give them.