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Why Do You Need One

OK, you must realize that when you buy the Mini Reminder you are buying an insurance policy against Disaster, and loss.
Peace of mind is what you are paying for you can replace a lap top, but not the lost data, and the consequences of that data getting into the wrong hands, DITO for your cell phone.
There are no replacements for the loss of a child. A trip to Disney world can turn out to be not very fun. When you turn your back for one split second and bobby is gone, your mind is gone and your life may never be the same again.
Ask Disney how many kids or lost every day, if they will tell you, yes most of them if not all of them or found, but imagine what your mind would feel like in those minutes or hours before your Bobby is located.
Now let’s go to the beach, you want to relax on the towel with Bobby, you close your eyes but are you relaxed, not really because Bobby keeps heading towards the ocean.
Why worry at Disney, or at the beach, or by your pool, or on a business trip. Everything can and will be safe, including your peace of mind, for a very small one time price of $49.95.
Try putting yourself in the good hands of an insurance company for that price, they would laugh at you. Remember You do not have to use the MINI REMINDER every day, but on those days when you want to keep those things that you treasure most close and safe by buying the MINI REMINDER NOW place yourself indeed in good hands with the MINI REMINDER , PEACE OF MIND IS JUST A CLICK AWAY, BUY IT NOW